Nodejs Environment setup

NodeJS Installation

Nodejs can be installed by compiling source code and making an executable or by downloading a pre-built installer for your platform.

To download Nodejs visit the official NodeJs website download section and select the Long term support LTS version which is recommended for most of the users.

1. Choose an Operating System platform

The windows OS platform has been chosen for installation. 

Nodejs Installation in window operating System
Nodejs Download

2. Double click click the installer and run the installation wizard

NodeJs Installation Wizard
Nodejs Installation Wizard

3. Accept the license agreement

Nodejs License agreement

4. Click on Install

Nodejs Installation wizard

5. Nodejs installation on progress

Nodejs Installation Process

6. Click on Finish to complete NodeJS Installation

After completion of NodeJS installation, NodeJS executable has been added to the PATH environment variable which can be invoked from the command prompt as shown below

Nodejs Command Line interface REPL
Nodejs Cli

Nodejs is a cross-platform JavaScript server-side programming language, being a cross-platform language, Nodejs can be installed on various platforms using the respective platform package manager.

Some details on Installing NodeJS in the different platforms using the package managers are shown below.

Nodejs in Android

Installing Node.js in android is still experimental as precompiled binaries are not yet supported. There are third-party solutions such as Termux is available.

So to install Node.js you need to have the Termux app installed on your android phone.

Once the Termux has installed open the Termux application and you will see the application interface as shown below.

Node js in Android operating system

You can run basics commands in the Termex shell which are given below.


To install Node.js using Termux use the command shown below.

pkg install nodejs

Once the NodeJS is installed you can verify by calling node interpreter in the Termux shell.

Termux shell

For more detail installation on various platform visit this official NodeJS installation documentation

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